Hear O Israel


Blessings were said and prayers were uttered. I felt safe.

The people in the city hated us, the soldiers hated us more.

The streets became dangerous.

Houses were burned, windows were shattered, Jews killed and wounded.

We could hear the distant gunshots and screams.

But in the synagogue I felt safe.

Food was hard to find.

We grew hungrier.

The streets were filled with people who had died of hunger.

"They are killing us!" cried out hopeless angry men.

My heart beat with fear.

The soldiers were taking all the Jews away by train.

Where, no one knew.

We went on the train; it was so dark we couldn't see a thing.

When we got off the train everyone knew what was going to happen.

We were going to die.

I grabbed my father's hand, I felt safe.


Emma Salja

Grade 8




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