Psalm 29
interpreted by Avi Dolgin


 Havu l'YHVH bnei elim
Acknowledge the Creator
   You who are semi-divine.
Havu l'YHVH kavod va'oz
Acknowledge the glory and power of creation,
Havu l'YHVH kvod sh'mo, hishtachavu l"yhvh b'hadrat kodesh
      the honour of naming the Creator
      in the beauty of holiness.

Kol YHVH al hamayim el hakavod hir'im
The call of creation is in the waters
The call of creation is in the mountains
YHVH al mayim rabim
     Even in the many fluids of our bodies.

Kol YHVH bakoach, kol YHVH behadar
Creation calls out in strength and in beauty
Kol YHVH shover arazim
       in the cedar clearcuts
Vayishaber YHVH et arzei halvanon
       and in the virgin old growth.

Vayarkidem k'mo egel l'vanon v'shiryon k'mo ven r'emim
Our world rings with nesting murrelets and diving orcas
Kol YHVH chotzev lahavot esh
      and the Creator calls to us in acid rain and thinning ozone.
Kol YHVH yachil midbar, yachil YHVH midbar kadesh,
Kol YHVH y'cholel ayalot
     The fault lines shake.
     The landfills overflow
Vayechesof yarot u'v'hechalo kulo omer kavod
In this temple, do we see creative glory?

YHVH lamabul yashav
The Creator was there when the first Flood struck
Vayeshev YHVH melech l'olam
       and the Creator will be there if a new Flood comes.
YHVH oz l'amo yiten
The Creator will give humanity the strength
YHVH yivarech et amo vashalom
      and bless us to use that strength for Shalom.


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