Family in its essence
Is a god given format for supporters to provide strategies and lessons
It's not the negative moments you look back and remember
It's not the conflicts and non sense when 1 side had to surrender
It's not the loved we lost that we treasure for eternity always and forever
It's the holidays and the summer time and memories of all the Members of our descendant tree being brought together
There's no question what's the meaning of a relative
It’s all relative
We all have the freedom to freely reach and decide for yourself if his idea that only people that were brought up in your family are part of your family
Access to assets in excess
Or to exceed expectations put forth by your parents are often seen as more important then your next breathe
But a strong value system is like a magnet in the centre of your family unit
If from a young age we are taught to treat others as you want to be treated the social dynamics will run smoother
To all the non-believers look at the past to prove it
Some people dream to be the man of delegation
Where as others dream of having family celebrations
Baby's being born bar and bat mitzvahs and weddings speeches with glasses being raise in a way toasting to the next generation and the family we were raised in
But like any group of people
We need a leader to keep us as one and lead with light out of the darkness and evil into euphoria
So god bestowed upon us an incredible blessing to learn from and she goes by the name of Gloria