Prayer for Love

Sept 2007/ Tishrei 5768

Kymn Goodman


Shechina, God who dwells within,

God who is always with me,

God who hears my prayers,

God with whom I make vows,

God who inspires,

Light of my soul, giver of my life,

 Creator of all,

Who fills the world with Divine Energy.

Guide my steps, propel me towards kindness,

Help me feel whole, complete, unbroken,

 Worthy & belonging, as I walk beside You.

Help me to love myself, with tenderness, with compassion, with honesty & humour,

As you show love for me,

And to love others, freely, no holding back,

With a wide open heart,

Those I know & those I do not,

Those who are familiar, those who are quite different,

In a way thatís healing, comforting, from a deep place, that will inspire

 The Light of Shechina, Light of my Soul.



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