Kosher Organic Products available in BC
This is a working list and not to be considered exhaustive


Symbols after the product name refer to the supervising Hechsher.
For a printout of what these symbols actually look like, contact Adam va-Adamah at (604) 872-7380


  Dairy Products

  Oils, Vinegar and Sauces

  Pasta and Grains

  Milk Substitutes


  Cereals - Hot and Cold

  Soy Products



  Coffee and Teas

  Dried Fruit

  Baby Foods



  Frozen Foods

  Cleaning Products

Dairy Products:
Jersey Farms Soya Desert WK
Liberty Yogurt MK
Omega Nutrition Coconut Butter BCK
Organic Meadow Yogurt COR 89D
Organic Meadow Cream & Cottage Cheese COR 89D
Stoneyfeild Farm Yogurt OU

Milk Substitutes:
Eden Soy Beverages OK
Rice Dream Rice Beverages OU
Soy Dream Soy Beverages OU
Sunrise Soya Beverage- natural flavour OU
Vitasoy Soy Beverages OK

Soy Products:
Amano Tamari (Soy Sauce) BCK
Eden Tamari OK
San-J Tamari OK
Soyganic Extra firm & Baked Tofu OU BCK
Yves Veggie Cuisine (Semi-Organic) OU

Eden Olive & Sesame Oils OK
Green House Olive Oil OK
Omega Nutrition Flax Seed Oil BCK
Spectrum Olive, Hemp & Flax Seed Oils OU
Vinegars & Sauces:
Bragg Apple Sauce Vinegar KSA
Eden Rice, Plum & Apple Cider Vinegar OK
Premier Japan Ginger Tamari KSA
Wholesome Foods Blackstrap Molasses OU

Frontier Culinary Spices KSA
(incl. pepper, basil, cinnamon, ginger. . . )

Frozen Foods:
Cascadian Farms #
Organic Meadow COR 301

Tomato Products:
Eden Canned Tomatoes OK
Green House Tomato Sauces OK
Garden of Eatin Salsa *
Muir Glen Canned Tomatoes & Sauce KK
Natures Best Tomato Sauces OK
Cold Cereals:
Arrowmills OK
Envirokidz WK
Erwhon OU
Golden Temple Muesli K
Natures Path  most varieties WK
Peace Cereal  semi-Organic OK
Hot Cereals:
Arrowhead Mills OK
Country Choice OU
Erwhon OU
Natures Path WK

Artesian Acres COR 437
Eddies USA-K
Eden Pastas OK
Green House OK
Health Quest WK
Prairie Harvest COR 437
Soyaba OK
Tinkayada COR 472
Vita Spelt KK
Rice, Grains & Flour:
Lundberg Rice KK
Robs Red Mills Flour K
Natures Path: Manna Bread WK

Rapunzel Whole Sugar KSA
Wholesome Foods Cane Sugar OU
Prepared Foods:
Casbah Couscous OK

Dried Fruit:
Made In Nature Raisins & Prunes OK
Pavich Raisins & Prunes OU
Canned Fruits/Vegetables & Jams:
Cascadian Farms Relish & Dill Pickles #
Cascadian Farms Fruit Spreads #
Eden Apple Sauce & Canned Beans OK
Hain Pure Foods, Corn & Green Beans OU
Amano- Shiro miso BCK
Imagine Natural OU
Pacific- Mushroom, Vegetable, Creamy Broths *

Cascadian Farms Ice Creams & Sorbets #
Cloud Nine Chocolates *
Country Choice Animal Cookies OU
Edward & Sons: Brown Rice Snaps OU
Guiltless Gourmet Corn Chips OU
Garden of Eatin Corn Chips *
Hain Pure Food Popcorn *
Lundberg Rice Cakes KK
Mrs. Denson Cookies OU
Soy Delicious Non-dairy Frozen Desert OU
Tropical Source Chocolate *
Terra Nostra Choclate OU
Westsoy Pudding *
Baby Foods:
Earths Best Multi Grain Cereal COR 10
Healthy Times Baby Foods ?
Healthy Times Cereals (OK) & Biscuits *

Coffee and Tea:
Mt. Hagen Coffee OU
Oregon Chai OU
Stash Teas *
Uncle Lees Chai *K
Yogi Teas KK

Eden Apple Juice OK
Just Pikt Fresh Frozen Orange Juice OU
Muir Glen Tomato & Vegetable Juice KK
Cleaning Products: (Environmentally friendly, non-Organic)
Seventh Generation OU

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