10th and Fraser - 'The Highland Church'

by Avi Dolgin

Before Or Shalom purchased the property at 10th and Fraser, it had long been a Scottish Presbyterian Church. Once the focus point of an active community, the church succumbed to the changing demographics of the neighbourhood, and was put up for sale in 1993. We purchased an old structure, with inadequate wiring, no modern safety features, no hot water, etc. But as we went through the treasures that our new home contained, we found Presbyterian hymnals, lots of teacups and half-used jars of marmelade, and this painting. On the back is the title 'The Highland Church", plus the signature of the artist, Mrs. Myrtle Thomson. Her painting reflects the vibrancy of this building in community life one night in Vancouver some 50 or so years ago. We honour the memory of that Community of Faith which preceded us here, and carry on in their path.


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