The Little Aron Kodesh

by Naomi Katz

When people notice the little Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark) high up on Frank Segal's Aron Kodesh, behind Avi Dolgin's Ner Tamid (Eternal Light), they wonder where it came from. Well, it was among my father's effects when he died. My father was a rabbi in Vancouver in the 1940s, and when he retired he traveled into the smaller communities in the United States for the High Holidays, taking my mother (of blessed memory) and this little Ark containing a mini-Torah with him. Where he managed to find it, I do not know.

After he died in 1969 I came into posession of it and it was a treasured relic of my father's career. However, when we moved from a big house to a smaller one, it seemed to me that the Aron Kodesh belonged to where more people could appreciate it. The logical choice was Or Shalom. It does my heart good when the little Torah from it is carried by children so lovingly in the Simchat Torah parade. As Or Shalom endures, so will my treasured memories.


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