The following are the guidelines for posting messages on the Or Shalom listserv that the executive committee of Or Shalom has approved and was ratified by the Board of Directors.

All subscribers to the listserv may post message to the list, not only members of Or Shalom.

The following subjects are deemed kosher for posting

       Buying and/or selling personal property

       Rentals available; house sitting; searching for accommodation

       Announcement of new business

       Or Shalom Community Events

       Political, Spiritual and Cultural Events date, time, place and link only. 

       Divrei Torah and/or commentaries on them

       Articles of any nature from other sources that may be of interest links or website only. The articles shall not be posted

Online debates are not permitted

The communications committee and chair of the adult education committee will work with the Board of Directors to create in-person opportunities to discuss political issues.

Please do not post on Shabbat

All persons posting to the list must sign with their full name 

Absolutely no flaming allowed. "Flaming" is when you berate, name-call, belittle or are rude to another member on the list. A general rule regarding communication: respond to the issues, not the individuals. As a Jewish Spiritual Community we have a wealth of ethics regarding conduct in our Torah.

In the unlikely event of persistent breach of these guideline the offender may be removed from the list.

The list manager's decisions to discipline will be reached in discussion with the communications committee.

Undoubtedly, there may be situations that are not covered by the guidelines; in that case the list manager and communications committee will decide. Any subscriber who feels that any posting is in violation of the guidelines should contact the list manager privately.



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