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Shabbat Observances at Or Shalom

We strive to control the use of these items on Shabbat:


Food Observances at Or Shalom

The Or Shalom kitchen is not 100% kosher.  Our practice is to serve only dairy vegetarian foods such as fish, eggs, cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese.  No shellfish or meat of any kind is allowed.  Ingredients for special consideration include:



Or Shalom's Eco-Kosher Tradition

Eco-Kosher means an ecological perspective to Judaism that minimizes the environmental impact of our religious practice.  At Or Shalom, we adhere to this tradition by avoiding disposable products (including dishes and cutlery), by minimizing our use of over-packaged products, and by practicing recycling.


Serving Kosher Foods

Some people who keep strictly kosher will not eat food brought into the shul on Shabbat unless it has a hechsher and/or is prepared in a kosher kitchen.  A separate table for kosher foods can be set up for guests who keep kosher.  Optimally, this table will be set with kosher plates, cutlery, and cups from a kosher kitchen in order to maintain kosher integrity and also adhere to Or Shalom's eco-kosher philosophy.



Health Concerns

Please be conscious of those folks with food allergies to nuts, gluten and other ingredients.  You can do this by

            Preparing foods while bearing these common ailments in mind. Use gluten-free grains. Salads are great - don't add nuts. Etc.

            Labelling what you serve, so that others may know what is in front of them.



The Potluck Kiddush

A potluck is declared on those occasions when nobody is hosting the kiddush.  Everyone brings something to share, following our food observances and the old adage about keeping it simple. (A good rule of thumb is to bring enough food to feed you and your family as if that were the only thing you were eating.) As well, everyone helps set up by putting out food, plates, etc., and by helping to clean up the social hall and kitchen afterwards.  Our custodian will wash the dishes, but they must be scraped and stacked.  All food must be put away.


Suggested Menus

The kiddush menu can be as simple or as elaborate as the host wishes.  Note that two challot are always provided by Or Shalom.


Suggestions for a simple menu:

A more extensive menu can include:


A catered kiddush can be as elaborate as the host wishes!


Children's Snack

Children are cared for in the social hall during services.  It is an Or Shalom policy that a snack is provided for the children by the caterers or kiddush hosts. 


o                Bagels or crackers

o                Cream cheese or butter

o                Fruit and/or carrot or celery sticks

o                Juice



Food Storage

Food for a kiddush may be kept in the side-by-side fridge/freezer or on the counters.  All foods must be in critter-proof containers, clearly labeled, and removed after the kiddush.  Please do not leave any food in the fridge or on the counters.


Supplies Provided by Or Shalom

These items may or may not be available on the day of a kiddush. Always check a few days before the kiddush date.  Two challot are always provided.



Location, Location, Location


Clean Up

General Information for catered and hosted events:


Autoclave Instructions

These instructions are also posted on the wall near the autoclave.


1.  Turn the autoclave on 20 minutes before you want to use it by pressing the far left switch at the bottom of the machine

2.  When the temperature gauge reads 140 degrees, it is ready to use.

3.  Rinse dishes and cutlery before placing them into the autoclave.

4.  Place dishes into the heavy duty dish racks found beneath the sink.

5.  Load the rack into the autoclave and toss in one scoop of soap.

6.  Close and latch the door (press the latch down).

7.  The cycle lasts about 4 minutes.

8.  Take the rack out and air dry dishes before replacing them on the shelves right-side up.

9.  When all the dishes are washed, turn the switch to "off".


NOTE:  DO NOT dry the dishes with dish cloths.  Health regulations require they be air-dried.




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